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MedTech incubator for MedTech & digital health changemakers

Together with the Medical Technology Cluster MTC of Upper Austria's location agency Business Upper Austria, we see ourselves as a growth accelerator and co-developer of the expansion of the Upper Austrian medical technology location.

The MedTech Incubator is the first address for MedTech start-ups & spin-offs, which can draw on concentrated expertise in the MedTech Incubator:

  • MTC's industry expertise and tech2b's entrepreneurship know-how.
  • In addition, there are the extensive networks of the two supporting organizations.

This is how it works:

As a startup with a medical device in our ACTIVATE or INCUBATE program, you are part of the MedTech Incubator and thus have access to the consultants and services of the medical technology cluster.

Apply now for ACTIVATE or INCUBATE.

Which projects are supported?

  • Development-intensive business ideas in the field of medical technology or digital health with high scaling potential.
  • Start-ups with potential for a sustainable business model or with business models in future-oriented sectors.
  • We attach particular importance to supporting female founders in order to increase the proportion of women in start-up projects.
  • The company is founded in Upper Austria.
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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

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Apply now for our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech

Your MedTech Incubator advantages:

MedTech Incubator Consulting & Support

In addition to two tech2b consultants, you will also have a consultant from the Business Upper Austria medical technology cluster and can access the MTC service portfolio during your project.


You have access to the exclusive tech2b BIZTrain & MedTech training programs.


With over 20 years of experience in Upper Austria, we have built up an extensive network, which we naturally make available to our tech2b startups.

The MTC also gives you access to Austria's largest medical technology network. As a member of the MedTech Cluster Alliance D-A-CH, the MTC has access to international expertise.

Business plan coaching

Together with the lead consultant, you will further develop your startup.

MedTech Mentor:in

As an ACTIVATE or INCUBATE startup with a MedTech focus, we can provide you with external mentors with expertise in the MedTech sector.

Cash subsidy

Up to € 20,000 non-repayable cash grant (depending on the program).

Female & Sustainability Bonus

An additional € 1,000 if you have a female founder with more than 25% shares in the team and access to the shetech2b founder network.

An additional € 1,000 sustainability bonus for the business model with the highest impact.

What procedure can I expect?

We will get to know each other in an initial meeting and outline the next steps for you.

The MedTech Incubator is a focal point of the ACTIVATE and INCUBATE program.

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Contact us

Get in touch with us if you want to know whether your startup MedTech Incubator is ready.

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Get to know

We get to know each other in a non-binding initial meeting & you present your idea.

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After a successful application, you will start in our ACTIVATE program with a focus on MedTech, at our 2-day ACTIVATE Journey.

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As a MedTech startup, you have 2 consultants from tech2b and 1 consultant from the MTC.

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Know How

Together with your advisors, you will further develop your startup in the areas of team, market, finance, technology & sustainability.

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Next Step: MedTech Incubator at INCUBATE

After completing the MedTech Incubator in ACTIVATE, you can apply for the next program apply for the next program INCUBATE.

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Startup Consultant / MedTech Incubator
Julia Zaborsky, MSc

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