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Find innovative & scalable tech2b startups and invest

To bring together what belongs together, we facilitate encounters between founders and investors:

With pitching sessions, fireside chats, one-on-one meetings and other formats for exchanging ideas.

We are there in the background to initiate investments and find investors.

Good to know:

Without having any economic interest ourselves, we see ourselves here at the side of the founders.

However, we always keep the big picture in mind and focus on scenarios in which and from which everyone involved benefits.

What can tech2b offer investors?

  • We know the vision and the idea of the founders
  • Coaching the founding team in challenging situations
  • Questions find answers, by proven experts from tech2b
  • Platform for professional exchange and events

Your advantages of the tech2b investor network


We bring our founders together with alumni with investment experience at an early stage in order to get to know the environment of business angels and venture capital companies right from the start.


We connect companies, angels, venture capital and start-ups through to lawyers and are ourselves partners in Austria-wide networks.


We accompany the start-ups through all phases from the vision to the concretization/activation of the idea to the successful company.


We remain in contact with the young companies even after our support. This allows us to follow their development together with the investors and learn from it.

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Mag. Günter Kitzmüller

Startup Consultant / Business2Excellence
Mag. Günter Kitzmüller
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