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What framework conditions can help to ensure that more diversity exists and is maintained in start-up teams?

The answer quickly came from our community: the exchange between like-minded people is incredibly valuable. This is how the idea for SheTech2b was born - the female founder network.

As a founder:inside team with a female founder who holds >25% of the shares, there is a € 1,000 Female Bonus.


The sustainable development of our planet means satisfying the needs of the present in such a way that the opportunities of future generations are not restricted.

We therefore support start-ups with a sustainability impact that have an indirect or direct contribution to the environment and climate goals.


The MedTech Incubator is the first address for MedTech start-ups & spin-offs, which can draw on concentrated expertise in the MedTech Incubator:

The technical and scientific expertise of the MTC and tech2b's entrepreneurship know-how. Added to this are the interlinked networks of the two supporting organizations.


Not every startup has to be a SaaS.

We have therefore created a separate focus for hardware start-ups.

You can access this focus in ACTIVATE & INCUBATE and receive hardware-specific advice and support.

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