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Object of the company

The object and purpose of the company is:

  • Supporting and promoting research and technology-intensive start-ups in accordance with the initiatives of the Austrian federal government and relevant programs at national and international level.
  • the establishment and management of one or more centers to support and promote research and technology-intensive start-ups, preferably from the academic sector
  • the provision of related services
  • the organization of relevant information and educational events and the collection, dissemination and distribution of scientific information
  • Participation in research and development projects
  • the promotion of university tasks
  • promoting the transfer of knowledge to and from scientific institutions
  • Supporting the exploitation of research and development results in the form of spin-offs
  • Supporting further technology transfer measures

The company is also authorized to carry out all transactions and measures that appear necessary or useful to achieve the purpose of the company, in particular the acquisition of real estate, the establishment of branches and subsidiaries and the acquisition of interests in other corporations.

Job title

tech2b Inkubator GmbH is a start-up center within the meaning of the AplusB scale-up program of the Austrian federal government.

Legal form: Company with limited liability
Registered office: political municipality of Linz (Upper Austria)
Company register number: FN 229536 d
Commercial register court: Linz regional court
UID no.:
Country of incorporation: Austria
Share capital: EUR 100,000.00 (paid in full)

Management (authorized representative body)
Raphael Friedl MSc.

Shareholders (persons involved)

Business Upper Austria - Upper Austrian Business Agency
Company register number: FN 89326 m
Commercial register court: Linz regional court
Shareholding: 50 % = EUR 50,000.00

involved in this:

  • OÖ Innovationsholding GmbH (65 %)
    Company register number: FN 364176 d
    Commercial register court: LG Linz
  • OÖ Landesholding GmbH, FN 266251 x, Linz Regional Court (100 %)
    in this company:
  • Province of Upper Austria (100 %)
  • Chamber of Labor for Upper Austria (15 %)
  • Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (15 %)
  • Federation of Austrian Industry Upper Austria Provincial Group (5 %)

Johannes Kepler University Linz
Participation: 20% = EUR 20,000.00

University of Art and Industrial Design Linz
( )
Participation: 10% = EUR 10,000.00

FH OÖ Management GmbH
Company register number: FN 205986 x
Commercial register court: LG Wels
Shareholding: 10% = EUR 10,000.00

involved in this:

  • City of Wels (0.5 %)
  • City of Steyr (0.5 %)
  • Market town of Hagenberg (0.5 %)
  • City of Linz (0.5 %)
  • OÖ Innovationsholding GmbH (98 %)
    Company register number: FN 364176 d
    Commercial register court: LG Linz
  • OÖ Landesholding GmbH, FN 266251 x, Linz Regional Court (100 %)
    Shareholding: Province of Upper Austria (100 %)

Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Participation: 10% = EUR 10,000.00

Supervisory Board

  • DI (FH) Werner Pamminger, MBA (BizUp), Chairman
  • Christiane Tusek (JKU), Deputy Chairwoman
  • Kurt Ehrentraut (FH Upper Austria)
  • Erik Aigner, MBA (University of Art and Design Linz)
  • Irmgard Müller, MBA (WKOÖ)

Applicable regulations

  • Trade regulations
  • Company Code
  • E-Commerce Act
  • Media law

Access to the applicable regulations

Basic direction

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