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Pinpoll GmbH

IT/Software development 2014

Our vision:
A Pinpoll vote next to every Facebook Like button.

Publishers are constantly looking for new ways to increase page views and thereby increase advertising revenue while analyzing their visitors.

At the same time, people have an enormous urge to communicate - Facebook alone records 3.2 billion likes and comments every day. And we can use this urge to communicate perfectly to solve the customer problem.

Pinpoll will therefore become the best-known tool for publishers to increase page views and generate additional advertising revenue with the help of polls and subsequent target group-specific content recommendations.

Business model:
Pinpoll is based on a freemium business model.

We provide publishers with a free voting tool for their website that can be used to increase page views and thus advertising revenue.

We also sell fee-based packages with an extended range of functions for detailed analysis of the voting data collected in the course of consumer research and for immediate advertising to the right target group using retargeting.



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MMag. Tobias Oberascher
Project start: 2014
Industry: Online market research and online advertising
Employees: 4
Markets: Worldwide
Pinpoll GmbH
Hopfengasse 3
4020 Linz
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