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IT/Software development 2019

We know that all people are equal. But when it comes to height, shoulder width, arm length and waist circumference – is that really the case? At least that's what industrial clothing sizes want us to believe. It's just that we're quite different.

With TrueSize, for the first time, we are using AI to enable global measurement of exact body measurement data and cluster them into a globally applicable clothing system for mass production. In this way, we enable the industrial production of clothing that really fits people.


  • WER Prize of the Federation of German Industries
  • Marketing of the Federation of German Industries
  • Scholarship of the Julius Raab Foundation


Deep Tech Provides the Fashion Industry with Data for Custom-Fit Clothing Sizes

Top 3 European Women Start-ups



Anna Maria Brunnhofer
Project start: 2019
Industry: Software
Employees: -
Markets: -
Hafenstrasse 33
4020 Linz
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