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Electrical Engineering/Sensor Technology 2018

The requirements for noise and sound emission from products and processes have become significantly stricter in recent years. The noise emission or sound quality of a product is a key parameter in the development process and a distinguishing feature in the product quality perceived by the end user. Acoustic cameras are the enabling technology for the characterization and analysis of noise problems and, similar to a thermal imaging camera, provide a color-coded image of the object to be measured.

Existing solutions with good image quality are expensive ([gt] 40,000€), large (1 moving box) and heavy ([gt] 10kg). Mobile solutions (~ 5kg, ~ 10.000€) suffer from insufficient image quality for many industrially relevant applications.

Seven Bel has developed a patent-pending, disruptive technology that offers both technical advantages over existing solutions in the form of higher image quality and significant ergonomic benefits at only a fraction of the acquisition cost.

Services / products:
Seven Bel is engaged in the development and future distribution of acoustic cameras based on digital technologies. The customer purchases a sensor and uses an app on his mobile device to visualize and analyze acoustic images.

EDISON 2019 in gold (technology-oriented idea)


Thomas Rittenschober
Project start: 2018
Industry: Measurement technology
Employees: 5
Markets: EU, USA, APAC
Seven Bel GmbH
Forsthausstrasse 12e
4060 Leonding
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