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Phoenestra GmbH

Lifescience 2019

Phoenestra produces high-quality stem cells (so-called human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)) that are used directly or indirectly for the development of novel drugs and therapies. Phoenestra holds a patent on the use of urine-isolated cells for the production of hiPSCs and the necessary know-how.

Services / Products:

  • Finding donors of interest (healthy donors or patients)
  • Producing hiPSCs from cells isolated from urine samples from these donors
  • Manufacture of cell banks
  • Cultivation of large cell counts ([gt]109)
  • Production of exosome preparations (extracellular vesicles)


Otto Kanzler
Project start: 2019
Industry: Life Sciences
Employees: -
Markets: Worldwide
Phoenestra GmbH
Untergrafendorf 17
3071 Böheimkirchen
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