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Technology meets gastronomy

At first glance, you might think that these two things are completely incompatible. But in other industries, people are already supported by automation and it's hard to imagine life without it. So why not in the catering industry too?

Dinnity deals with automation in the catering and hotel industry, thus reducing the workload of staff, reducing food waste and providing experiences for young and old.

With the innovative solutions, for example, tasks that nobody likes to do but simply have to be done no longer have to be done by yourself. This leaves more time for cooking itself.

Under the project name Egg Robot, work is currently underway on a device that prepares scrambled eggs fully automatically and is set to become a revolutionary addition to the breakfast buffet.


  • Reinhard Halusa
  • Philipp Knobloch
  • Gerhart Stadlbauer
  • Johannes Straßmayr


Reinhard Halusa, Philipp Knobloch
Project start: 2022
Industry: Mechanical engineering / mechatronics
Employees: -
Markets: DACH
Dinnity GmbH
Loibersdorferstrasse 5
4523 Neuzeug
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