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hardwareIT/software development 2020

The modular BOOXit plastic transport containers have been designed in such a way that they can be used throughout the entire logistics chain, both in intralogistics and in extralogistics. In addition, the containers can be clearly identified electromagnetically. These special properties form the basis for the standardization of BOOXit transport containers as "data packages" in the physical Internet. By avoiding the disadvantages of the currently still dominant disposable carton, such as the limitation of the degree of automation, the additional load securing required, the enormous quantities of waste, or the sensitivity to environmental influences (e.g. rain, moisture, mechanical deformation, etc.), significant problems can be avoided. Reusable transport carriers had already been recognized as a solution to such problems, but due to the two core problems of shrinkage and return costs, they have so far only been implemented in some areas of logistics and therefore the disposable carton still dominates current parcel logistics with all its problem areas.

The BOOXit technology concept can exploit new rationalization potential in the logistics chain through the digitalization of individual parcels and full compatibility with pallet and container logistics, robot suitability and easy integration into multimodal transport networks, thus solving previously unsolved environmental, economic, ergonomic and cost-efficiency problems in other areas. The BOOXit technology concept thus points the way to a new world of logistics with a new standard for small goods.



Andreas Holzleithner, Peter Entenfellner
Project start: 2020
Industry: Parcel logistics
Employees: 6
Markets: International
Thalheimerstrasse 19
4652 Fischlham
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