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Beerjet GmbH

Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics 2013

Fully automatic machine for efficient tapping of draught or tank beer. The tapping speed is 10 times that of conventional dispensers, and in addition, previous weak points such as foaming, quantity dosing, speed and pressure regulation and cleaning of the system are automatically controlled by technical innovations and handling is greatly simplified.

Services / Products:
Beerjet 6 basic unit with 6 parallel taps

Additional options:
Tap automatic flushing
CIP Cleaning Package
Mobile substructure with barrel cooler
Mobile technical trolley for holding trace/flow coolers, Co2 bottles, ...
Automatic drum changeover for up to 36 drums struck at the same time
Automatic pressure reduction to prevent carbonation during tapping breaks
Sales & Rental Operations


  • Mag. Ernst Koller
  • Ing. Thomas Schuller
  • Max Weigl, Ludwig Kleinlehner


Mag. Ernst Koller
Project start: 2013
Industry: IT, metal construction, dispensing technology
Employees: 4
Markets: Breweries, concert and festival organisers, stadiums, beverage retailers, dispensing equipment suppliers
Beerjet GmbH
Pummerinplatz 3
4490 St. Florian (near Linz)
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