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Corporate Open Innovation

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Welcome to PIER 4

PIER 4 is the hub that brings together start-ups from all over the world with the leading companies of the Upper Austrian economy.

PIER 4 is the network and platform for start-ups and companies in Upper Austria. We are the first touch point when it comes to the development of start-ups and cooperation with Upper Austrian industrial companies.

We accompany companies in finding individual solutions in the field of open innovation, start-up scouting, cooperation and projects.


Our PIER 4 partners

PIER 4: The dock for industry, start-ups and their ideas.

Since 2017, we have been the first point of contact when it comes to the individual cooperation of newcomers with best-established companies for the purpose of corporate open innovation.

Why PIER 4?

We connect start-ups with industry. For more innovation, flexibility and to strengthen Upper Austria as a business location overall.

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Our services at a glance

  • Awareness raising for Open Innovation
  • Status quo analyses
  • Access for start-ups and companies to each other's ecosystems
  • Continuous start-up screening
  • Trend scouting
  • Individual start-up pitches
  • Cooperation initiation
  • Support for innovation projects
  • Exchange of experience
  • Individual innovation reports

PIER 4 for (inter)national start-ups

  • We open the doors to Upper Austria's leading industry and companies
  • We lay the foundation for pilot projects aiming at the development of new products and services
  • We provide access to the know-how and experience of successful companies
  • We promote communication with successful executives - face-to-face and at eye-to-eye
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PIER 4 for companies

  • We help to develop new business models and to use collaboration potentials
  • We offer direct access to the world of start-ups
  • We support the early identification of technology and market trends
  • We promote the culture of innovation within the company
  • We encourage the exchange of experience with other companies in the PIER 4 network.
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1. Develop

We accompany Upper Austrian companies individually in their search for start-ups. Our goal is to continuously create awareness for the topic of open innovation within the company.


2. Connect

On behalf of industrial companies, we look for suitable start-ups in jointly defined search fields. Our search fields are based on the individual needs of our PIER 4 partners as well as technological trends.


3. Accompany

We coordinate, moderate and support the initiation of cooperation. In addition, we assist our PIER 4 partners in the implementation of the project.


Direct contact

Companies that want to advance their open innovation activities and seek access to the start-up ecosystem - nationally as well as internationally - can contact us directly by e-mail.

Start-ups seeking access to Upper Austrian industrial leaders and wanting to take the next step in their business development can also contact us directly by e-mail.

Contact via e-mail

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