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PIER 4 pitching session at Primetals

On February 15, we had the pleasure of hosting the PIER4 Pitching Session at the Primetals premises. 7 innovative startups from Austria and Germany presented their ideas to around 50 dedicated participants.

The session was opened with a warm welcome by Senior Vice President Purkathofer and Managing Director Raphael Friedl.

Startups in the spotlight - A big thank you to the startups who presented their visions:

  • Pixel Robotics
    Pixel Robotics uses an optical AI detection system to translate the real world of intralogistics into a digital real-time twin. The data obtained can be used to visualize and optimize intralogistics, automate manual processes, reduce errors and avoid accidents, and in combination with our LEAN robot Pixel PT, pallet transports can also be automated cost-effectively.
  • Global Changer
    Global Changer offers a comprehensive sustainability platform for industrial companies to meet the increasing demand for sustainability efforts. The platform, unlike other software solutions, is specifically designed for complex corporate structures and enables the planning and management of reduction measures. Using the platform significantly reduces manual effort, while at the same time ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislators and major customers. As a result, sustainability efforts not only become an obligation, but also increase profitability and create a competitive advantage for the company.
  • blankmile
    blankmile combines the best of personal communication with the unlimited possibilities of digitalization. The solution creates a completely new type of personal and direct customer support for complex problems and demanding customers. Our remote support solution allows employees around the world to see, solve and document issues with their own eyes within seconds. Without any software installation.
    Digna offers an innovative data quality platform specifically designed for data warehouses and related systems. This solution facilitates the identification and correction of data errors, ensuring high data integrity in organizations. Digna's technology is designed to improve data quality and minimize the effort required to maintain it. This helps companies to implement more efficient and accurate data analysis and management processes
  • Erium
    With Halerium, Erium offers an AI platform that enables company employees to analyze their business processes in depth, improve them effectively and automate them sustainably. This creates immediate optimization opportunities with generative AI. Organizations such as BMW, Fraunhofer and Bertrandt are already using Halerium to increase their process efficiency and innovativeness.
  • Qualiwise
    Qualiwise enables "quality control at a distance" for mechanical and plant engineering. With its AI-supported software, Qualiwise solves the costly quality problem in supplier management and opens up low-cost quality suppliers for its customers.
    Bubo.AI helps B2B customers make more profit with AI-powered pricing. Wholesalers, retailers and other B2B companies rely on Bubo.AI's award-winning AI technology to determine the optimal price for each individual transaction. From customer value-based strategies to specialized services such as discount management and customer retention, the focus is on increasing customer profitability. Based in the UK with European offices, Bubo.AI aims for profitable growth and typically achieves a 3% gross margin increase for its clients

Keynote speakers: Our keynotes were real highlights:

  • Fliegel (standing in for Fleischanderl) spoke about "Green Steel", providing fascinating insights and inspiring us all.
  • In the second keynote, Mayer-Heinisch inspired us with the topic "Digital financial management - private banking for everyone".

Many thanks to all participants, the committed startups and of course to the hospitable Primetals team!

->Don't forget, the next pitching session will take place on June 11!

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