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The brand new StartupGuide Linz is here!

What makes a startup ecosystem? Who are the players in the city? What spaces and programs are there?

Lots of questions and now there's an answer! The brand new StartupGuide Linz is here!

This guide offers a comprehensive insight into the entire startup ecosystem that Linz has to offer. From the essentials to up-and-coming startups, #programs and #spaces to experts, founders, investors & hub,ert - Founding in Upper Austria - this guide covers it all.

The launch event of this great guide took place in the impressive GRAND GARAGE. Mayor Klaus Luger personally welcomed the guests and emphasized the enormous importance of the #startup scene for our city.

Some of our proud tech2b startups and alumni are also featured in the guide: AirMate Carbon Cleanup Celantur FiveSquare Magic Keys NodeVenture Plantarista qapture gmbh sendance GmbH & triply | reshaping mobility

The guide is already available in over 50 countries worldwide and Linz is one of the first cities to have its own online version

Photos (C) City of Linz, tech2b

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