Quantum Voltaics GmbH

Company Description

Quantum voltaics KG is a young company which develops new breakthrough technology for the photovoltaic industry. The core invention deals with photon management within optical components of PV-modules. These optical components perform a frequency shift of the incident solar spectrum (A 1.5) which results in a better spectral match to commercial solar cell systems. The technology will be offered for license to international operating suppliers of PV-modules, which are able to realize a better kWp/$ relation with their products. Quantum Voltaics KG is located at the techcenter Linz.

Founder Profil

Thomas Lederer experience encompasses management, economics, research and development of high tech prototypes. In his research carrier he developed a source for an asymmetrically entangled photon, which can be used for quantum computing and quantum cryptography and various integrated sensor solutions for a lab-on-a-chip platforms. Additionally to his successes in research, he gained valuable experience in quality management at voestalpine AG and in technology management at the Material Center Leoben.


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    Quantum Voltaics GmbH
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    Dr. Thomas Lederer
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    Photovoltaic technology
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Quantum Voltaics KG
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