tech2b nun Partner von Bits & Pretzels

tech2b ermöglicht der Start-up Community durch die Kooperation mit Bits & Pretzels ermäßigte Tickets für das Festival zu erhalten.

Mit diesem Link bekommt ihr 10% Discount auf Tickets für Europas größtes Gründer-Festival.

Bits & Pretzels Networking Week 2020
Started as founders breakfast with 80 participants, Bits & Pretzels developed into the Burning Man Festival of startup conferences. The spirit of supporting founders continues in 2020 with the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week. A virtual conference from founders for founders, that really understands your needs and values your time.

Infos hier: Bits & Pretzels Festival

September 27th to October 2nd, 2020
For the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week, we’ve tailored incredible and intuitive tools that’ll earn you valuable contacts. So stop fighting for people’s attention while they are busy with their everyday life. Join our community who comes together for the single purpose of finding hot startups like yours.

It gathers the best players of the startup ecosystem worldwide and provides, with an innovative virtual event technology, partners multiple outlets to gain huge brand- and product awareness. For six days the conference will host inspiring speeches, world-class workshops, masterclasses, pitches, networking opportunities and
much more.

By spreading out the event's agenda over the late afternoons of six days we enable you to craft your personal schedule around your office duties.

Get your work done, become a better founder, and find new clients. All at the same time!

Jetzt Ticket holen und tech2b Ermäßigung schnappen!

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