Explorative senior developer

Senior software developer (full- or part-time)
workplace: at the HQ in Linz / AT, remote work possible

Who we are:
We at AMB believe technology should be human centric. Saying so, we believe that industries and products should be built around people for their efficiency and safety.
Therefore we are researching and developing products mainly in computer vision and data science, focusing the human body for applications in multiple markets.

We are:

  • well-financed (initial funding round 2020)
  • pre-prototype and talking to great, global partners and customers about joint implementations
  • visionary: AMB will be the market leader in measurement, movement detection and modeling of human bodies
  • located in Linz (Headquarter), Hagenberg and San Francisco
  • very diverse, therefore the company language is English
  • ~15 people, mostly developers and tech background
  • split in development and researc

Our tech stack is wide and covers at least these areas:

  • iOS app (e.g. Swift, ARKit, React Native)
  • Android app (e.g. Kotlin, ARCore, React Native)
  • Web app (e.g. JavaScript, React Native)
  • Computer Vision (e.g. OpenCV)
  • Machine learning (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras)
  • Data science (e.g. SciKit, pandas, D3.js)
  • 3D graphics and Augmented Reality (e.g. unity, ARKit, ARCore)
  • 3D cameras (e.g. iPhone 11, Huawei p20, Intel Realsense, Orbbec Astra)
  • Server architecture (e.g. using Docker containers & cloud infrastructure)
  • Services (e.g. Java, Python, C++)

About you

  • You are an experienced software developer who loves to explore new technologies.
  • You are really strong some of the technologies in our tech stack (see above) and willing to share this knowledge with the other team members.
  • You love being challenged to find the best possible solution while knowing when to stop.
  • You know about the tooling for professional development (version control systems,
    package managers, continuous delivery, automated testing) and enforce its usage.

What we expect from you
Your task will be to work on our product. This will involve a lot of exploring new areas, prototyping, but also producing production-ready, reliable code. As a senior, you will also be responsible for sharing knowledge, helping the juniors and to live and enforce best practices.

What we offer

  • a young and agile team
  • great possibilities to grow with our company
  • you have the chance to shape products from the start
  • interesting topics to deal with, on the leading edge of the latest technologies
  • a great office, easily reachable with public transport
  • mobility compensation (e. g. city public transport)

Have we sparked your interest?
Write me a short, informal message.
Looking forward to hear from you,
Anna Maria (CEO)



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