CTO / Co-Founder for Deep Tech-Startup wanted

Who we are:
We at AMB believe technology should be human centric. Saying so, we believe that industries and products should be built around people for their efficiency and safety.
Therefore we are researching and developing products mainly in computer vision and data science, focusing the human body for applications in multiple markets.

We are

  • well financed (+our goal is to reach a great initial funding round 2020 with our CTO)
  • diverse team of ca. 15 people, mostly developers and tech background, with headquarter in Linz. Other places include Hagenberg, Vienna and San Francisco. Remote work is possible in our company. The CTO should have a strong contiguity to the core-team so that the exchange is fast and personal. That's why a largely presence in Linz is wanted. Company language is english.
  • pre-prototype and talking to great, global partners and customers about joint implementations
  • visionary: AMB will be market leader in measurement, movement detection and modeling of human bodies.

You and us:
You are a strong team player that sees the big picture, gets hands on and is happy about embracing talent of juniors too. A background in product is required as you will oversee the entire product development. A background in team building / HR is advantageous as you will further build up our Engineering and Research organization continuously.

As the CTO you will:

  • Direct the strategic technical vision for AMB and anticipate, plan and act on shifts in technology
  • Be responsible for the delivery of all software, including velocity and quality, and own the product roadmap
  • Own retention of the existing team and further recruiting in Product, Design and Engineering organization in exchange with the CEO.
  • Channel the communication with the research team and its lead as well as be sure about their timelines and velocity
  • Act as Data Protection Officer and be responsible for the security and privacy of our customers
  • Communicate the progress of the Product, Research, Engineering and Design organization to the company Board and its investors
  • You will receive a fair salary that will include a mix of base salary and shares that you will earn over the course of time

We look for:

  • A proven track record of leadership in areas of technology and product
  • Interest in computer vision, Data Science, AI and rapid prototyping
  • A maker spirit and a consistent history of delivering results with software
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and grit. We build something new and the road will be bumpy, you have to stay motivated and lead your team to success
  • A clear vision of what a successful Product, Design and Engineering organization looks like and how to achieve it
  • A broad set of interests that include a significant overlap with AMB´s vision and mission

Have we sparked your interest?
Write me a short, informal message info@annamaria.io
Looking forward to hear from you,
Anna Maria (CEO)


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