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Once it is clear that the paths of the university and the employees interested in founding a company may part on good terms, further development is required.

Together with the potential founders, we work on the business idea.

More specifically on the actual spin-off as well as on the transformation of researchers into entrepreneurs with a scientific background. In doing so, we create an awareness of all the things that still need to be considered, developed and achieved on the way to a spin-off.

Doing the groundwork

In parallel, we mediate between the university and the emerging spin-off in order to smooth the transition from the world of science to the free market.

For example, by making laboratory and office infrastructure available to the founders for a limited period of time after they leave the university - within the bounds of what is permissible under competition and funding laws.

Another part of the development work is the targeted networking of researchers, employees, students and institutes.

Clemens Zillner, MA

Clemens Zillner, MA

Startup Consultant