Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon

With the concretization, the spin-off process is moving closer to the finish line.

The final steps include preparing the spin-off team for entry into the actual tech2b start-up program.

This requires a translation of the business idea into one or more possible business models as well as dealing with the right legal form of the company to be founded. The development of a perspective for the time and financial development framework is also part of the planning cooperation.

In all of this, tech2b's know-how and contacts are a significant resource for the spin-off.

Deal? Deal.

The agreement between the university and the spin-off is another part of the process.

An essential part of the agreement is the regulation of patent utilization rights. Including the specification of the license fees, to which the university is entitled as the patent holder, plus the definition of the conditions under which a possible purchase or sale of the patent can take place in the future.

Clemens Zillner, MA

Clemens Zillner, MA

Startup Consultant