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Spin-off Consulting

As spin-off consultants, we accompany researchers on their way from the lab to the executive chair. In doing so, we are breaking new ground ourselves. We are the first to systematically support Upper Austria's universities in the commercialization of their patents. This is achieved in the form of spin-offs by employees with a willingness to take entrepreneurial risks, for the benefit of the economy and the people. Moreover, as lecturers at the Kepler University in Linz, we help to create the ideological basis for this, by teaching how to think and act as an entrepreneur.

Now: If you as a research team consider founding a company or if it is time at your university to launch a promising development to the open market, please contact us.

1. Discover

Universities are universities. Companies are companies. Their connecting link is innovation. Initiative researchers with business acumen are the connecting element and tech2b's specialists are the partners who get the ball rolling.


2. Implement

When it is evident that an academic patent can become a business idea, we take it further. Together with the university and the potential spin-off.


3. Launch

In the course of a pre-incubation we negotiate the legal and organizational agreement between the university and the prospective founders, who we prepare step by step for their entry into the actual tech2b start-up program.


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