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Like everywhere where something new is created, two things are important at the beginning: establishing the status-quo and define the expected outcome. Therefore, in the first step, we work out everything that is needed for good collaboration. Together, we take a first look at the status-quo, at how innovation has been lived, handled and promoted in the company so far.

After a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, we turn our attention to the future: We define the goals of the collaboration, describe necessary fields of action for the joint path to this goal, and make all necessary preparations for a successful partnership.

Our Partners

How can we create organizations that are fit for the future? It is the responsibility of companies to put people at the center and make change part of their mindset and their actions. PIER 4 has made it its business to accompany companies and their employees on exactly this path. The network offers a platform on which start-ups, experts and innovative companies can exchange ideas and learn together.

Stefan Kreppel, Head of Open Innovation P21st

Our Partners

The Voestalpine Steel Division has established an environment for radical innovation within the company by initiating its new business incubator. Through our involvement with PIER 4, our incubator teams connect with other innovative companies and benefit from the diverse work culture in the start-up business.

Hubert Zajice, Member of the Management Board of voestalpine AG and Head of the Steel Division

Our Partners

Being one-step ahead of developments is firmly anchored in FACC's DNA. As a leading technology partner to the aerospace industry, it is a must for us to be optimally prepared for future megatrends. We see cooperation with dynamic and agile start-ups as an ideal opportunity to identify and follow new trends and technologies at an early stage. Together with PIER 4 and the partner companies, we want to accelerate innovation and progress the topic of digitalization even faster.

Robert Machtlinger, Managing Director FACC AG

Our Partners

Open innovation creates a free space where we can network with external partners, start-ups and idea providers. It is the conscious step out of our own comfort zone to evaluate and apply new technologies.

Walter Sieberer, Managing Director KTM Innovation GmbH

Our Partners

Since 1936, the family-owned company SCHMACHTL has been a leading supplier of product and system solutions for industry, trade and commerce. With 210 employees in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, SCHMACHTL offers consulting, planning and delivery of high-quality components and systems as well as installation, commissioning and maintenance. Training and professional service over the entire life cycle of machines and systems complete the product portfolio. From the partnership with PIER 4 we expect many inputs in the field of open innovation, as well as exchange of experience with other network partners in the innovative environment.

Kari Schmachtl, Business Development Schmachtl GmbH

Our Partners

Recognizing and picking up on trends at an early stage is essential, even for a traditional company like Aspöck Systems. With PIER 4 and the partner companies, we can identify innovative approaches for us in this cross-industry constellation for all our business and organizational areas. Moreover, there is also still enough room to "explore" our individual topics with interesting start-ups.

Christian Schwaighofer, CTO/COO Aspöck Systems GmbH

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