As a start-up incubator and partner of Upper Austrian industrial companies, we accompany the cooperation and innovations initiated by PIER 4. Our claim is to integrate the new projects into existing company structures in the best possible way in order to achieve an optimal result for both sides.

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Acting instead of reacting. In our production, we took advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and technologization at an early stage. In order to be able to use change as an opportunity in the future as well, we are striving together with PIER 4, the start-ups, but also with the other companies involved, to expand our innovative strength and thus also strengthen the Upper Austrian site. We not only want to be able to keep up, but rather be trendsetters in our core topics.

Manfred Hube, CEO hali GmbH

Our partners

Overall, we see an advantage in working with startups. Here, we benefit above all from their speed and innovations - in the sense of complementing expertise and a fast time-to-market.

Thomas Linde, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) KEBA Group AG

Our partners

To be a sustainable technology leader in an industry, not only needs continuous ideas and innovations but also openness and sometimes leaving one's own comfort zone. With the PIER 4 partnership, we are entering an open innovation environment and are looking forward to the exchange of experiences, the impulses, the networking and, above all, the possible collaborations that will arise in this innovative setting.

Helmut Ennsbrunner und Ronald Holzleitner, Head of Pre-Development and NewBusiness Perfect Welding, Fronius International GmbH

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We are currently at the beginning of what is probably the greatest mobility change in recent history, as the future brings with it a multitude of technical innovations and changes in mobility behavior. Accompanying these progressive developments is firmly anchored in ÖAMTC Upper Austria's future strategy as an essential component. That is why it is important for us not only to drive forward our own innovations, but also to look quite specifically "outwards" in order to identify and promote new ideas and approaches

Harald Großauer, Regional Director ÖAMTC Upper Austria

Our partners

From networking with the start-up ecosystem, we expect innovative approaches to solutions in order to continually optimize our range of services. Opening up innovation processes benefits not only us as a company, but also our customers and the entire region.

Josef Siligan, Chief Energy Officer of LINZ AG

Our partners

PÖTTINGER stands for an open corporate culture in order to secure and expand the core services of the company in the best possible way with innovative approaches on the one hand and to bring complementary knowledge into the company by opening up the innovation process on the other hand. We expect great added value from PIER 4 and the networking of start-ups and large companies precisely from this heterogeneity and want to transfer the start-up spirit and mentality into a traditional family business with PIER 4.

Markus Baldinger, Managing Director Research & Development PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

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