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Startup Insights with the founders of FiveSquare

FiveSquare is dedicated to digital and data-driven innovation. The start-up supports companies in using artificial intelligence technology sensibly and creating a positive impact at the end of the day for both the company and the people behind it.

tech2b in conversation with founders Hans-Peter Pichler & Patrick Haidinger.

What is your motivation, what are you passionate about?

We are a very strong purpose-driven organization. We look at what positive things can be achieved for society and the economy with artificial intelligence technology.

You have grown quite quickly, are there new challenges as a result?

There are several different challenges. On the one hand, of course, structural challenges, how do processes work in the company, how does communication work in the company, what was previously trivial had to be redefined.

In the beginning, founders are used to being involved down to the last detail. That is no longer possible. That means handing over responsibility was a major issue and a challenge.

What have been the biggest learnings in your founding period so far?

I think there are three themes: Focus, timing and environment.

Focus also means saying "no" to some things and concentrating on the essential things.

Learning number two. There is no right time. The important thing is to start, because then you are already further ahead than the others and one step ahead.

The people you surround yourself with should not be neglected. Whether in the founding team or as shareholders. You should choose the right people here.

How has tech2b been able to support you?

tech2b provides support in a number of areas, including networking and visibility. You get to know a lot of founders and mentors. There are also many people in this network who want to help intrinsically. And tech2b has helped us a lot with specific topics in start-up consulting.

What tips do you have for future start-up talents?

There are an insane number of things to innovate. When you start something, you're already ahead of lots of other people who simply don't do anything. So get started!

There are currently so many opportunities and possibilities in the economy and in our society. So you should start and try to generate a positive impact at the end of the day. You can do a lot of cool things with this principle.

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