Business2exellence: Business Development

You don't necessarily have to have enjoyed our Business2excellence consulting to work with us in Business Development on the task and organizational areas of your startup that are not yet fully market-ready.

However, since there is a major difference between consulting and business development, there is one criterion you absolutely must meet: Your startup must have already received at least one investment. This is because our business development program requires the participation of a business angel or venture capital company.

How we specifically design the consulting and support of your start-up depends entirely on your individual case. Depending on the needs, our business development managers start with sales or process management, marketing and PR, or whatever else.

What must your company be able to do?

  • Your company has already received one or more investments and
  • is working on a development-intensive business idea of a technological or creative economic nature and
  • is located in Upper Austria.
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon

What can you expect from us?

  • up to 12 months of support from a Business Development Manager
  • with individual work on your central challenges and topics
  • Access to tech2b's large partner network
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How do we find each other?

  • You contact us.
  • We get to know each other in an initial meeting.
  • Further steps for admission to the program will be clarified.
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon
Mag.<sup>a</sup> Maria Minichmayr

Mag.a Maria Minichmayr

Business Development Management (Business2excellence)