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As versatile as the corresponding offer between Böhmerwald, Dachstein, Sensengebirge and Ibmer Moor presents itself, there is still plenty of room for a good new idea. In a globalized world, the rediscovery of the near, together with digitalization, creates plenty of opportunities for committed entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Ideas for exactly such start-ups find the best growth and development opportunities in Upper Austria's Tourism Incubator: 12 months of advice and support from and through a strong cooperation in which the Upper Austrian Department of Economics and Tourism and its location agency Business Upper Austria, as well as Upper Austria Tourism and tech2b combine their know-how and resources.

The goal of the Upper Austrian Tourism Incubator is to bring new spirit into the industry by means of creative ideas.

This project is supported by funds from the state of Upper Austria.

What must your start-up idea look like?

  • Your idea should be original (i.e. new),
  • be based on a new business model or service offering in tourism, the hotel industry or the leisure industry, as well as being
  • realizable in large dimensions (keyword scalability).
  • There should be a demonstrable demand from the target group/market.
  • The idea should be so complex that it cannot be easily copied or imitated, and
  • lead to the founding of a company in Upper Austria.
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Bild: Robert Maybach

What can you expect from us?

  • Strategic start-up consulting with a special focus on the tourism industry
  • 12 months of support and consulting by experts from tech2b, Biz-up and Upper Austrian Tourism as well as mentors.
  • Our services - 360° support, advice and assistance in the implementation of the idea
  • Financial support of € 10,000 (non-repayable)
  • Training and qualification program for specific topics
  • Access to the networks of Biz-up, Upper Austrian Tourism and tech2b
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Bild: Robert Maybach

How do we find each other?

  • You contact us.
  • We get to know each other in a first meeting.
  • You create your application.
  • The advisory board reviews it and makes a decision.
Bild: Robert Maybach
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Romana Fuchs

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