Together with the Medical Technology Cluster MTC of Upper Austria's location agency Business Upper Austria, we see ourselves as a growth accelerator and co-developer of the extensive and densely populated Medical Valley of the future.

The MedTech Incubator is the first address for MedTech start-ups, which can draw on concentrated expertise in the MedTech Incubator: The technical-scientific competence of the MTC and the tech2b know-how in entrepreneurship. Added to this are the interlinked networks of the two sponsoring organizations.

The MedTech Incubator is the laboratory and resource for the concretization of MedTech-related business ideas and concepts as well as for the development of the regulatory and financial strategies that are necessary for approvals and the acquisition of further funding.

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What must your start-up idea look like?

  • Your idea should be original (i.e. new),
  • be based on a rudimentary business model,
  • ... and be realizable in large dimensions.
  • It should be in the field of medical technology, digital health and/or medical materials.
  • It should be so complex that it cannot easily be copied or imitated, and
  • lead to the founding of a company in Upper Austria.
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What can you expect from us?

  • Industry-specific start-up consulting with a special focus on the MedTech industry
  • 6 months of support and consulting by experts from MTC and tech2b as well as mentors from the business world.
  • Infrastructure
  • tech2b consulting and support worth € 6,000
  • MTC consulting and support worth € 2.935
  • Financial support (grants) of € 5,000 (non-repayable)
  • Training and qualification program for specific technical topics
  • Access to the MTC and tech2b networks
  • Admission to the MTC
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon

How do we find each other?

  • You contact us.
  • We get to know each other in a first meeting.
  • You create your application.
  • The advisory board reviews it and makes a decision.
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon
DI (FH) Christina Kopler

DI (FH) Christina Kopler

Projektmanagement / Gründungsberatung

Mag.<sup>a</sup> Johanna Köhler

Mag.a Johanna Köhler

Projektmanagement / Gründungsberatung