Hardware startup consulting

We could make it easy for ourselves now and tell you: Please quickly look up the info on the Technology Start-Up Consulting site. Then please come back to this page and let the following picture arise in your head: Hardware start-up consulting is technology start-up consulting plus hardware, namely workshop access to the machinery of the Grand Garage in the Tabakfabrik as well as access to TÜV Austria.

Since such an information approach does not correspond to our understanding of communication and service, we repeat the most important things here again:

  • 27.07. Einreichfrist
  • 99% Recommendation Rate
  • Email an startup@tech2b.at

What must your start-up idea look like?

  • Your idea should be original (i.e. new),
  • be based on a rudimentary business model, as well as be realizable
  • be realizable in large dimensions (keyword scalability),
  • find its place in the field of hardware
  • be so complex that it cannot be easily copied or imitated, and
  • lead to the founding of a company in Upper Austria.
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon

What can you expect from us?

  • 6 months of support and advice from tech2b experts and mentors from the business world.
  • Infrastructure
  • tech2b consulting and support worth € 6.000
  • Financial support (grants) of € 5,000 (non-repayable)
  • Training and qualification program
  • Access to the Grand Garage, TÜV and tech2b networks
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon

How do we find each other?

  • You contact us.
  • We get to know each other in a first meeting.
  • You create your application.
  • The advisory board reviews it and makes a decision.
Bild: tech2b / Andreas Balon
Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Bauer

Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Bauer

Startup Consultant