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Start-up Incubation

If you are wondering where to lay your egg: Why not in our nest?

We are the Upper Austrian incubator with an incubator lamp, in which, thanks to our experience gathered since 2002, there is more than enough light and warmth for the entire process from idea development to market entry.

With a big heart for people with crazy ideas, we help to make visions tangible and economically feasible. As companions on the way to a clear business idea.

As mentors in the founding of a company. And as trainers for the economic competition

1. Being crazy

We have a heart for people with crazy ideas. You have a lot of questions: How big is the potential of my idea? Who can give me honest feedback? What is my vision and how do I define my goals? To make sure that your idea changes the world, we have the ideal program for you.


2. Founding

In our start-up program, you can turn around however you want: You will find yourself well accompanied all over. In other words: coached, advised and accompanied, networked, trained and equipped with infrastructure plus start-up capital.


3. Growing

Your Upper Austrian start-up has already put all four wheels on the ground and is currently accelerating towards expansion? Congratulations. We accompany you on the important step to full market maturity.


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