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tech2b pays off: Investments

If you have a heart for start-ups like we do, you will also have one for investments. Because investors take over when we have done everything, we can for our start-ups in terms of consulting, support and networking.

Nothing pleases us more than when business angels take on one of our young companies or venture capital companies get involved. Because that is the highlight of the mandatory program, we have designed.

Fortunately, the joy of such investments is not a tech2b emotion with rare value. Since the founding of tech2b in 2002, our start-ups have made a large number of investment deals and have been successful all the way to exit of our programs. The numbers are significant enough: annual exits in the two-digit million range and multi-million investments in start-up projects and tech2b alumni are quite normal for us.

The success undoubtedly belongs to the start-ups and alumni who have earned their investments with good work. However, we do not want to conceal the fact that we - keyword network - are always involved in bringing the right investors together with the right start-ups.

In order to bring together what belongs together, we facilitate meetings between founders and investors: With pitching sessions, fireside chats and other formats of exchange. In the background, we are involved in initiating investments and finding co-investors.

If one of our current start-ups is about to receive an investment, we accompany the founders during the specific negotiations.

  • We assist with contractual, valuation and due diligence issues,
  • involve partners from our network such as lawyers and civil law notaries
  • provide contract templates and
  • bring our founders together with alumni with investment experience at an early stage.

Without having a commercial interest ourselves, we see ourselves on the side of the founders. However, we always keep an eye on the big picture and focus on scenarios in which and from which all parties benefit.

Gespräch zwischen Jörg Schlipfinger, tech2b Teammitglied und Herbert Gartner, Investor

Well, how about it?

Investors who already know us as a partner already know that around 40 new start-up projects prepare for the most glorious future possible at tech2b every year. It's quite possible that the right start-up for your portfolio is among them. Why not join our network of investors? As you know, the closer the contact, the better the matching. And if you also have the desire and opportunity to contribute as a speaker and expert at one of our events, we will be even more pleased.

  • 4,7 Customer Happiness Faktor
  • 99% Recommendation Rate
  • 40 betreute Start-ups pro Jahr
Mag. Jörg Schlipfinger, BSc.

Mag. Jörg Schlipfinger, BSc.

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Our investors

The long-standing cooperation between tech2b and eQventure is a real success story with numerous investment and exit successes. eQventure is one of Austria's leading venture capital providers. In addition to growth capital, eQventure offers young high-tech companies a strong global network and operational support. Behind eQventure are successful entrepreneurs who invest their own money and provide hands-on support to help their portfolio companies grow rapidly.

Herbert Gartner, CEO & Co-Founder eQventure

Our investors

As a regional VC, regular interaction with the tech2b team and the regional startups supported by tech2b is particularly valuable to us. Many of our portfolio companies have already worked with tech2b, have been or are supported by tech2b programs. We also look forward to exchanging ideas with other investors.

Thomas Meneder, Managing Director OÖ Hightechfonds GmbH

Herbert Gartner
OÖ Hightechfonds GmbH