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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is what leads to success. So says Henry Ford. And because we agree with him, we are looking for you: The person with business success and experience. As a new mentor in our circle of over 150 'parental' start-up companions.

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If you would have needed a mentor yourself, but had to manage on your own, spare young colleagues the same fate and take them by the hand for a while. If, on the other hand, you have benefited from experienced mentors, pass the benefit on and do the same for a start-up with a passion as yours.

This is what you get

"Helping others helps me," says designer Stefan Sagmeister. And rightly so: as a tech2b mentor, you expand your network, develop your consulting talent, are quite likely to discover new things yourself and gain an exciting reference. You will also receive a sum of € 1,800 net for around 40 hours per mentee.

This is how it works

  • Please send us your data sheet and your CV.
  • Talk to us.
  • Introduce yourself to our start-up consulting team.
  • Get selected by one of our start-ups, sign your contract and get started.
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Nina Gruber

Nina Gruber

Startup Consultant

Our Mentor Network

I love software, B2B SaaS is my passion. The extreme learning curve at startups drives me, I make mistakes every day and learn from them - and I like to pass this knowledge on. I am always looking for motivated founders and new ideas and can best support you in fundraising, grants, sales, product (market fit) and team building.

Andreas Gutzelnig, Co-Founder & CEO at Storyclash

Our Mentor Network

It is great to be able to help young founders with a wide variety of challenges and to see new exciting ideas come to market. The job as a mentor is very varied and at tech2b you are integrated into an optimal start-up network.

Edith Öller, Founder I Consultant IDEAZ Business Innovation

Our Mentor Network

We were also supported by mentors as part of the mentoring program, which helped us a lot at the time. Therefore, I am happy to pass on my knowledge and experiences as a mentor myself.

Michael Hurnaus, CEO Tractiv

Our Mentor Network

In the beginning there is the idea and many start-ups put tremendous energy and time into the first design and pitches and prototypes take concrete shape. Building the company then requires additional craft from the areas of personnel management, sales structure to the customer, suppliers with logistics chain, financing. Tech2b creates the opportunities for mentors and start-ups to develop the learning curve for these topics in the right dimension.

Christian Reisinger, Managing Director, Supervisory Board and Advisory Board

Our Mentor Network

In challenging times, I would have always wished to have a mentor at my side to guide and lead me. It is all the more important to me now to be able to pass on my expertise!

Verena Kemplerling, owner social. and front women

Our Mentor Network

I have a very high affinity for startups that develop technologically sophisticated products and since 2018 I have been working within tech2b's mentoring program. The task here is to jointly see significantly larger horizons so that the young entrepreneurs can bring their visions to success.

Heinz Hackl, Founder TheMove OG

Andreas Gutzelnig,
Edith Öller,
Michael Hurnaus,
Christian Reisinger,
Verena Kemplerling,
Heinz Hackl,
TheMove OG